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A welcome gift to Womb Within visitors

by Marijke on May 25th/files/includes/,.css 2008

Part of the fun of hosting a blog like Womb Within is being able to learn about new books and items. I have come across some great things that companies would like me to review and - whenever possible - give away to my readers.

So/files/includes/,.css as a welcome gift/files/includes/,.css I have three copies of the book/files/includes/,.css Simple Principles For a Happy and Healthy Pregnancy/files/includes/,.css by Alex A. Lluch.


According to the editor’s review at Amazon.com/files/includes/,.css “Pregnancy is a fascinating and exciting experience. This book helps readers enhance this experience by outlining the most important tips for staying healthy and preparing for a new baby. It will reveal all the secrets to having a joyful/files/includes/,.css healthy pregnancy.”

To be eligible to win a copy of the book/files/includes/,.css leave a comment that says how far along you are in your pregnancy/files/includes/,.css if you are thinking of getting pregnant/files/includes/,.css or whatever reason brought you to the Womb Within. All the comments that qualify will be assigned a number in which they were submitted and three numbers will be drawn at random.

Please be sure you either leave in your comment or as a link an email address that I can use to reach your. If you don’t want to do that/files/includes/,.css be sure to check the website a day or two after the contest closes to see if you have won/files/includes/,.css so you can contact me. If I can’t reach you within 7 days of the end of the contest/files/includes/,.css I’ll draw another name.

The contest ends at 11:59 PM on Saturday/files/includes/,.css May 31st. Good luck!



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