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Pregnancy exercise - and DVD give-away

by Marijke on June 17th/files/includes/,.css 2008

So - you’re pregnant. You’re used to exercise and now you’re not sure what you can and can’t do. Or/files/includes/,.css you’re pregnant and you want to start exercising. What to do?

First - you need to be sure that you can exercise. Most women are very healthy throughout their pregnancies and have no problems at all with keeping active. However/files/includes/,.css some women do have problems and certain activities are not recommended for fear of aggravating problems.

So/files/includes/,.css once you’ve gotten the go-ahead/files/includes/,.css what type of exercises should you do? If you don’t already have an exercise plan/files/includes/,.css there are several work outs that have been developed for pregnancy.

Exercise TV has several videos that can help you stretch and keep your muscles in shape throughout pregnancy and after. Click on the TV screen to see a choice of exercises:



Now/files/includes/,.css to keep with the theme/files/includes/,.css Fitness expert Tracey Mallett/files/includes/,.css who you can see in the videos available at Exercise TV/files/includes/,.css has given me 2 DVDs to give away. One is called Pregnancy System/files/includes/,.css 3 in 1/files/includes/,.css and the other is called Total Body Calorie Blast/files/includes/,.css a 6-minute Quick Blast Method. Tracey also a contributor to Fitness Magazine/files/includes/,.css Shape/files/includes/,.css HMC magazine.com/files/includes/,.css Ocean Magazine/files/includes/,.css Cooking Light/files/includes/,.css Diet and Fitness/files/includes/,.css ePregnancy/files/includes/,.css Quick and Simple/files/includes/,.css and is the fitness expert for “The Hot Mom’s Hand Book.”

pregnancyDVDAccording to Amazon.com/files/includes/,.css those who bought the pregnancy DVD were quite pleased with it and they also write: Fit Pregnancy June 2006: Voted one of the best pre-natal DVDs/files/includes/,.css Tracey’s playful/files/includes/,.css personal teaching style helps you feel comfortable and enjoy the workout. If you would like to buy this DVD/files/includes/,.css there’s a link at the bottom of this post that brings you straight to Amazon.com/files/includes/,.css where you can make your purchase.


The second DVD/files/includes/,.css not meant for pregnancy/files/includes/,.css Total Body Calorie Blast also has very good reviews on Amazon.

Now/files/includes/,.css the fun part: the give-away!

To be eligible to win these 2 DVDs together/files/includes/,.css please leave a comment about how you plan on keeping fit during pregnancy or a comment about any *other* post on this blog. Let me know which post you liked (or didn’t) and why. If you leave a comment about fitness/files/includes/,.css I shall gather them all up into one post for later on/files/includes/,.css giving you (and your website/files/includes/,.css if you wish) credit.

All people who post eligible comments will be put into a randomized draw for the DVDs. The contest runs from today until 11:59 PM EST on July 1st. Please be sure you leave a legitimate email for me to reach you in case you are the winner. No-one sees your emails except me.

Images: iStock.com/files/includes/,.css Exercise TV/files/includes/,.css Amazon.ca


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