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3 books to give away. Few things better than reading to your little ones

by Marijke on June 30th/files/includes/,.css 2008

I’m a huge reader. My husband is a huge reader. My kids all turned out to be huge readers. Can you sense a theme here?

And/files/includes/,.css of course/files/includes/,.css the best way to raise readers is to expose them to books and read to them as much as you can. So/files/includes/,.css in the spirit of helping promote the love of books/files/includes/,.css I’ve been given 3 books from Random House to give away to Womb Within visitors.

barabaraPark The first book is Ma! There’s Nothing to Do Here! A Word from your Baby-in-Waiting (Picture Book) by Barbara Park. The book has lovely colorful drawings by Viviana Garofoli and was written by Ms Park after being inspired by seeing an ultrasound of her unborn grandchild.

myBabyandMeThe second book is called My Baby and Me and it’s written by Lynn Reiser and accompanied by photos taken by Penny Gentieu. The photos are amazing and a few of them are downright fabulous. Really nicely done.

wynkenblynken And last/files/includes/,.css but not least/files/includes/,.css I have Wynken/files/includes/,.css Blynken/files/includes/,.css and Nod/files/includes/,.css by Eugene W. Field/files/includes/,.css with illustrations by Giselle Potter.

If you would like to have one of these books/files/includes/,.css leave a comment below telling me which book you would like and why. One book per comment please. You can request to be in the draws for all three if you would like/files/includes/,.css but each has to be in a separate comment so I can divide them up according to who wants which book(s). In two weeks/files/includes/,.css on July 14th/files/includes/,.css I’ll randomize the comments according to book and award all three books to the winners. (by the way - comments like “just send it to me” don’t qualify!!)

Please be sure that I can contact you by leaving a legitimate email address and by keeping a look out for my email if you are the winner.

If you don’t win but would still like a copy of the books/files/includes/,.css the links above will bring you to Amazon.com.

Good luck!

Images: Amazon.com


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