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Womb Within

First Pregnancy Blog Carnival

by Marijke on June 30th/files/includes/,.css 2008

It’s time! It’s time for the reveal of Womb Within’s first ever pregnancy blog carnival. A few people submitted their blogs for the carnival and they’re quite interesting and all different. What I don’t understand is the ones who submit blog entries that have absolutely nothing whatsoever/files/includes/,.css in any way/files/includes/,.css shape or form/files/includes/,.css with pregnancy. Oh well. We got some good ones that did.

So/files/includes/,.css without further fanfare/files/includes/,.css here are the blog submissions for this month:

Shaheen Lakhan presents Preteens Feel the Effects of Mom’s Pregnancy Bad Habits posted at GNIF Brain Blogger. “It has been known for years that babies in utero (womb) suffer ill effects from their mothers’ exposure to tobacco/files/includes/,.css drugs and alcohol. Now we know that children exposed to these toxins may suffer effects well into early adolescence.”

Jennifer Johnson presents Pregnancy-The State of Mind posted at MommyABCs.com.

David presents How To Become Pregnant posted at Pirate Bricks. “Similarly/files/includes/,.css keep in mind that male fertility is decreased after repetitive ejaculations/files/includes/,.css so a short period of abstinence prior ovulation will result in a higher sperm count and an increased chance or pregnancy.”

Jett Lee presents Pregnancy Tips on Pregnancy Discomforts posted at Safe Baby Pregnancy Tips. “Safe Baby Pregnancy Tips

Alex Bo presents Save Your Life - Visit Dentist posted at Dental Health and Care. ” Periodontal disease is also quite common among pregnant women. Expectant mothers’ gums react differently to the bacteria due to their increased levels of estrogen and progesterone. Women may experience swelling/files/includes/,.css bleeding or tenderness in the gum tissue. Several studies have linked gum disease to an increased risk of giving birth to a premature and underweight baby.”

MPB presents Pregnancy Week By Week Developments posted at Pregnancy Information.”This article discusses some of the things you can expect on a week to week basis during your pregnancy.”

and the last one:

Neel presents 100 Health and Medical Resources for Busy/files/includes/,.css Expectant Moms posted at NursingDegree.net.

Thanks for all the great submissions and we’ll be having another carnival this time next month!


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