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Low-tech advice could save many mothers’ lives

by Marijke on July 1st/files/includes/,.css 2008

Bleeding after giving birth/files/includes/,.css hemorrhaging/files/includes/,.css can cause death. When a woman gives birth in a hospital or an environment where a hospital is easily reached/files/includes/,.css the problem is most often solved by giving medication to tighten up the uterus to stop the bleeding and by giving blood transfusions/files/includes/,.css if needed.

Unfortunately/files/includes/,.css not all mothers have access to this type of care/files/includes/,.css be it a woman in a remote area of North America or a woman in rural Africa. In these situations/files/includes/,.css the mothers may die.

There’s an interesting new invention called the LifeWrap/files/includes/,.css which is like a pair of shock pants that an emergency technician may use on an accident victim. The LifeWrap/files/includes/,.css like the shock pants/files/includes/,.css compress the legs and lower body to force blood to the vital organs.

Although more testing needs to be done/files/includes/,.css wouldn’t it be great if something like this could be available wherever it is needed?

You can read more about it here: Simple Innovation Saves Women’s Lives.


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