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May 27th/files/includes/,.css 2008

Video: Kegel exercises

One of the problems that women can be left with after pregnancy is weak pelvic floor muscles. This can result in difficulty controlling urine and with sexual pleasure.
To reduce the risks of developing this weakness/files/includes/,.css Kegel exercises are highly recommended for both during pregnancy and after. The great thing about these exercises is that they […]

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May 24th/files/includes/,.css 2008

Video: Exercising during pregnancy

Exercising/files/includes/,.css unless it’s shouldn’t be done because of medical reasons/files/includes/,.css is important all through life/files/includes/,.css including pregnancy. But who should and should not exercise/files/includes/,.css what are the benefits/files/includes/,.css and what types of exercise is the best during pregnancy?
If you click on the TV screen below/files/includes/,.css you can watch a video about exercise during pregnancy:

Image: […]

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