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May 25th/files/includes/,.css 2008

Woman delivers 2 identical girls/files/includes/,.css 2 fraternal boys

News of quadruplets doesn’t always make headlines anymore. With more women using fertility treatments to become pregnant/files/includes/,.css multiple pregnancies are more common.
However/files/includes/,.css quads where two are identical and two aren’t - that is unusual. You can read about the Nigerian woman who delivered these babies in this article: Woman delivers 2 identical girls/files/includes/,.css 2 […]

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May 25th/files/includes/,.css 2008

How many did you say you have?

You’ve probably heard of her - if you don’t know her name/files/includes/,.css you likely still know about her. Some people admire her/files/includes/,.css some people think she’s downright nuts. Some people think it’s not her that’s nuts but it’s her husband. Whatever we think though/files/includes/,.css doesn’t matter.
Who is she? She is Michelle Duggar. She and […]

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May 24th/files/includes/,.css 2008

My own pregnancy stories

If I’m blogging about pregnancy and encouraging you to share your stories/files/includes/,.css it’s only fair that I share mine.
I have three children/files/includes/,.css born in 1987/files/includes/,.css 1989/files/includes/,.css and 1991/files/includes/,.css every two years seemed to be my program (I got married in 1985).
My first pregnancy was a bit (?) of a surprise. My husband and I […]

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