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August 5th/files/includes/,.css 2008

Babies for sale?

Is this surrogacy or baby-selling: Poland’s Population-Decrease Prevention: Babies for Sale
What do you think?

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July 27th/files/includes/,.css 2008

An unusual wedding gift: the use of her womb

Surrogate pregnancies are becoming more common/files/includes/,.css but they’re usually business arrangements or close family relatives who participate in the arrangement.
According to this article/files/includes/,.css Wombless woman to become a mother after friend offers to give birth as a wedding present/files/includes/,.css Fiona O’Driscoll was born without a uterus so she could never have a child. After meeting […]

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July 7th/files/includes/,.css 2008

Surrogacy still stigmatized/files/includes/,.css but attitudes changing

What is your first reaction when you hear about a surrogate mother arrangement? Do you think it’s good? Bad? Right? Wrong?
Regardless of what we think/files/includes/,.css surrogate mothers are a reality and many couples are benefiting from the actions of women who choose to carry babies for them.
According to a conference presentation today/files/includes/,.css Surrogacy still stigmatized/files/includes/,.css […]

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July 7th/files/includes/,.css 2008

1 boy - 3 mothers

We’ve heard of children having two mothers - it can happen in many ways/files/includes/,.css from adoption to divorces and remarriages to same-sex relationships. But/files/includes/,.css here’s a boy who has not one/files/includes/,.css not two/files/includes/,.css but three mothers/files/includes/,.css if you look at the word “mother” in the strictest sense of the word.
Three-year-old Charlie Patrick is on this […]

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July 6th/files/includes/,.css 2008

So/files/includes/,.css what about the surrogate kids?

There’s lots of debate about surrogacy and motherhood (Surrogate mothers - womb for rent?) but what about the babies? How do they fare after they’ve been brought into the world?
According to a study presented today at the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) annual conference in Barcelona/files/includes/,.css Spain/files/includes/,.css they’re doing just fine.
Researchers have […]

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June 28th/files/includes/,.css 2008

Surrogate mothers - womb for rent?

Surrogate motherhood has been around for a while now and every so often/files/includes/,.css we hear of celebrities who used surrogate mothers to have children of their own. Sometimes the surrogate mother uses her own eggs/files/includes/,.css other times/files/includes/,.css the fertilized eggs are provided by the intended parent.
Celebrities who have used surrogates include:

Angela […]

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