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June 13th/files/includes/,.css 2008

Video: Caesarian section

You may know in advance that you are delivering by Caesarian section (C-section) or you may be advised of this during your labor. The rate of C-sections is rising in North America and is continuing to rise.
If you are going to have a C-section or are curious about them/files/includes/,.css this video explains the process of […]

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June 3rd/files/includes/,.css 2008

Video: Hints for babyproofing your home

Baby proofing is relatively simple/files/includes/,.css but sometimes the simple needs to be pointed out. Here is a video that describes a few of the issues you should keep in mind while making sure your home is as safe as possible for your little one(s). Just click on the TV screen:

Image: iStock
Tags: baby proofing your home/files/includes/,.css […]

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