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Womb Within

July 18th/files/includes/,.css 2008

Tidy time at Womb Within - book winners!

I’m cleaning out my prize closet and it’s time for some tidying.

First/files/includes/,.css if you’re a winner and it’s a prize coming from me/files/includes/,.css if you haven’t received it yet/files/includes/,.css don’t fret. All prizes are going in the mail tomorrow. I had to wait until I had the envelopes and stuff to make sure that the […]

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June 30th/files/includes/,.css 2008

3 books to give away. Few things better than reading to your little ones

I’m a huge reader. My husband is a huge reader. My kids all turned out to be huge readers. Can you sense a theme here?
And/files/includes/,.css of course/files/includes/,.css the best way to raise readers is to expose them to books and read to them as much as you can. So/files/includes/,.css in the spirit of helping promote […]

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