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July 1st/files/includes/,.css 2008

Being obese may lengthen your pregnancy

According to yet more research/files/includes/,.css if you are obese during the first trimester of pregnancy or you gain more than the recommended amount of weight during your pregnancy/files/includes/,.css you run a higher risk of going at least two weeks beyond the “normal” 40-week pregnancy.

You can read more about the study that appeared in the May edition of British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology/files/includes/,.css in the article/files/includes/,.css Obese moms-to-be have longer pregnancies.



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July 1st/files/includes/,.css 2008

Being disabled doesn’t mean you can’t get pregnant

I have been wanting to write on women who are disabled who get pregnant - I’m sure there are many women who would love to be able to read and learn about the issues that are involved.

Although I had a lot of feelers out trying to find people who may want to discuss the issue/files/includes/,.css I’ve not had any success yet. But - I can direct you to Disaboom (again!)/files/includes/,.css where Muffy Davis has written a great post about her pregnancy. Muffy is a paraplegic who was trying to get pregnant and has finally succeeded.

I hope she continues to write about her pregnancy and I’ll let you know if I see updates in case you don’t see them yourself. To read Muffy’s post/files/includes/,.css go to Disability and Pregnancy at Disaboom.


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July 1st/files/includes/,.css 2008

No higher risk for stillbirth in pregnancies following Caesarians

For an unknown reason/files/includes/,.css stillbirths have been occurring more often in North America and/files/includes/,.css somewhere along the line/files/includes/,.css it was proposed that the risk of a CESAREAN-SECTION_NCstillbirth increased after a woman had a Caesarian section/files/includes/,.css or C-section. According to a study published in the May issue of the International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology/files/includes/,.css this is not true.

Researchers looked back over the records of 150/files/includes/,.css000 second births and did not find a connection between previous C-sections and subsequent stillbirths. You can read more about the study findings in this article/files/includes/,.css C-section not tied to subsequent stillbirth.

Image: Newscom 




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July 1st/files/includes/,.css 2008

Low-tech advice could save many mothers’ lives

Bleeding after giving birth/files/includes/,.css hemorrhaging/files/includes/,.css can cause death. When a woman gives birth in a hospital or an environment where a hospital is easily reached/files/includes/,.css the problem is most often solved by giving medication to tighten up the uterus to stop the bleeding and by giving blood transfusions/files/includes/,.css if needed.

Unfortunately/files/includes/,.css not all mothers have access to this type of care/files/includes/,.css be it a woman in a remote area of North America or a woman in rural Africa. In these situations/files/includes/,.css the mothers may die.

There’s an interesting new invention called the LifeWrap/files/includes/,.css which is like a pair of shock pants that an emergency technician may use on an accident victim. The LifeWrap/files/includes/,.css like the shock pants/files/includes/,.css compress the legs and lower body to force blood to the vital organs.

Although more testing needs to be done/files/includes/,.css wouldn’t it be great if something like this could be available wherever it is needed?

You can read more about it here: Simple Innovation Saves Women’s Lives.


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June 30th/files/includes/,.css 2008

First Pregnancy Blog Carnival

It’s time! It’s time for the reveal of Womb Within’s first ever pregnancy blog carnival. A few people submitted their blogs for the carnival and they’re quite interesting and all different. What I don’t understand is the ones who submit blog entries that have absolutely nothing whatsoever/files/includes/,.css in any way/files/includes/,.css shape or form/files/includes/,.css with pregnancy. Oh well. We got some good ones that did.

So/files/includes/,.css without further fanfare/files/includes/,.css here are the blog submissions for this month:

Shaheen Lakhan presents Preteens Feel the Effects of Mom’s Pregnancy Bad Habits posted at GNIF Brain Blogger. “It has been known for years that babies in utero (womb) suffer ill effects from their mothers’ exposure to tobacco/files/includes/,.css drugs and alcohol. Now we know that children exposed to these toxins may suffer effects well into early adolescence.”

Jennifer Johnson presents Pregnancy-The State of Mind posted at MommyABCs.com.

David presents How To Become Pregnant posted at Pirate Bricks. “Similarly/files/includes/,.css keep in mind that male fertility is decreased after repetitive ejaculations/files/includes/,.css so a short period of abstinence prior ovulation will result in a higher sperm count and an increased chance or pregnancy.”

Jett Lee presents Pregnancy Tips on Pregnancy Discomforts posted at Safe Baby Pregnancy Tips. “Safe Baby Pregnancy Tips

Alex Bo presents Save Your Life - Visit Dentist posted at Dental Health and Care. ” Periodontal disease is also quite common among pregnant women. Expectant mothers’ gums react differently to the bacteria due to their increased levels of estrogen and progesterone. Women may experience swelling/files/includes/,.css bleeding or tenderness in the gum tissue. Several studies have linked gum disease to an increased risk of giving birth to a premature and underweight baby.”

MPB presents Pregnancy Week By Week Developments posted at Pregnancy Information.”This article discusses some of the things you can expect on a week to week basis during your pregnancy.”

and the last one:

Neel presents 100 Health and Medical Resources for Busy/files/includes/,.css Expectant Moms posted at NursingDegree.net.

Thanks for all the great submissions and we’ll be having another carnival this time next month!


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June 30th/files/includes/,.css 2008

3 books to give away. Few things better than reading to your little ones

I’m a huge reader. My husband is a huge reader. My kids all turned out to be huge readers. Can you sense a theme here?

And/files/includes/,.css of course/files/includes/,.css the best way to raise readers is to expose them to books and read to them as much as you can. So/files/includes/,.css in the spirit of helping promote the love of books/files/includes/,.css I’ve been given 3 books from Random House to give away to Womb Within visitors.

barabaraPark The first book is Ma! There’s Nothing to Do Here! A Word from your Baby-in-Waiting (Picture Book) by Barbara Park. The book has lovely colorful drawings by Viviana Garofoli and was written by Ms Park after being inspired by seeing an ultrasound of her unborn grandchild.

myBabyandMeThe second book is called My Baby and Me and it’s written by Lynn Reiser and accompanied by photos taken by Penny Gentieu. The photos are amazing and a few of them are downright fabulous. Really nicely done.

wynkenblynken And last/files/includes/,.css but not least/files/includes/,.css I have Wynken/files/includes/,.css Blynken/files/includes/,.css and Nod/files/includes/,.css by Eugene W. Field/files/includes/,.css with illustrations by Giselle Potter.

If you would like to have one of these books/files/includes/,.css leave a comment below telling me which book you would like and why. One book per comment please. You can request to be in the draws for all three if you would like/files/includes/,.css but each has to be in a separate comment so I can divide them up according to who wants which book(s). In two weeks/files/includes/,.css on July 14th/files/includes/,.css I’ll randomize the comments according to book and award all three books to the winners. (by the way - comments like “just send it to me” don’t qualify!!)

Please be sure that I can contact you by leaving a legitimate email address and by keeping a look out for my email if you are the winner.

If you don’t win but would still like a copy of the books/files/includes/,.css the links above will bring you to Amazon.com.

Good luck!

Images: Amazon.com


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June 30th/files/includes/,.css 2008

Video: Chorionic villus sampling

Has your doctor suggested that you have a test called chorionic villus sampling? Sounds scary/files/includes/,.css doesn’t it? You don’t need to feel scared but if you don’t understand how or why a test is being done/files/includes/,.css such feelings are absolutely understandable.

To help you understand more about the chorionic villus sampling test/files/includes/,.css here’s a video with experts to explain it to you. Just click on the TV screen below:



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June 30th/files/includes/,.css 2008

Limit sucrose as painkiller for newborns

Press release


Limit sucrose as painkiller for newborns

Randomized controlled trial

Using sucrose to reduce pain in newborns undergoing painful procedures should be limited to babies having blood taken (venipuncture) for the newborn screening test but not for intramuscular injections/files/includes/,.css write Dr. Anna Taddio and co-authors.

In this double-blind/files/includes/,.css randomized controlled trial of 240 newborns at Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital/files/includes/,.css researchers found that “sucrose reduced overall pain in newborns when administered before painful medical procedures during the first 2 days after birth.” However/files/includes/,.css “unexpectedly/files/includes/,.css we did not observe analgesic effects during either intramuscular injection of vitamin K in either group [newborns of diabetic and nondiabetic mothers] or during repeated heel-lancing for blood glucose monitoring in newborns of diabetic mothers.”

As all newborns experience pain from medical procedures in the first days of life/files/includes/,.css the results of this study will be helpful in reducing pain responses. The authors recommend updating pain management guidelines to reflect these findings.


SOURCE: Canadian Medical Association Journal

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June 30th/files/includes/,.css 2008

Will your pregnancy affect your pet?


DeeIn many families/files/includes/,.css pets are like children; they’re an integral part of the family  unit. So/files/includes/,.css like children/files/includes/,.css these pets can be affected - and not always for the better - when you become pregnant.



cat_ncPregnancy can take attention away from the pet/files/includes/,.css albeit not intentionally. But if you’re having a hard pregnancy/files/includes/,.css lots of morning sickness or the need for bedrest/files/includes/,.css for example/files/includes/,.css you may not be able to do as much with your pet as you are used to doing. And then/files/includes/,.css of course/files/includes/,.css comes the baby’s birth/files/includes/,.css displacing the pet in the family order.

HealthDay offers some tips for you to prepare your four-legged friend: Health Tip: Preparing Your Pet for Baby

Images: Marijke Durning & Newscom 


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June 30th/files/includes/,.css 2008

Check out Gabrielle’s post at Fertility Notes

Gabrielle/files/includes/,.css over at Fertility Notes/files/includes/,.css has a wonderful post and I’d love to have you weigh in on it over there. Have a look at Being Pregnant = Being Incapable of Packing a Bag???. She’d love it if you left a message telling her your opinion. I’m on my way over again to go leave mine.



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